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DUNGEONS & DUNGEONS - Figure and 'game' starter set - FLESH! - 2 remaining in stock!


New Fleshy Dungeon Dudes!

This new set of Dungeons and Dungeons figures will make it possible to face off with your black set without getting confused about who's who!

Set includes 6 sofubi dungeon dudes. The shaggy Unicorn and Bunny Bear play as Harry and Bobby in this set. Each figure stands about 2~3 inches tall and is 2 parts.

Set will come with character stat sheet/cards. Game board will be available via email upon request. New rules and rule updates also included - so the gameplay sucks ust a little bit less! Yay!

Bagged with awesome header art by WALTER PARENTON (1/3 of the DnD team).

Shipped via USPS priority mail.

Sold Out