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RAMPAGE 2018 LUCKY BAGS! Standard Option

Image of RAMPAGE 2018 LUCKY BAGS!  Standard Option



It's Lucky Bag Time!

Standard RAMPAGE Lucky Bags:

These bags will contain 8 figures - most of which will be exclusive to the bags. Some bags will feature rare and 1-of-a-kind blank figures, and some bags will feature 1-off painted figures. All bags will include extras (stickers, goodies, etc.). Each bag will contain 1 figure from the stock of exisiting 2018 goods. Bags will contain mostly mini/mid and standard sized figures - with the odd micro thrown in as an extra/omake. There is a lot of variation in the contents for each bag, and they will each also feature a RAMPAGE paint collab figure of one type or another (including minis from Science Patrols and Bwana Spoons and mash ups featuring Blitkrieg Toys' new Doomkopf figure - painted by me!).

These bags are available to customers in the US, Japan, Europe, South America, Canada and Australia. Customers from Asia (incl. Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, etc.) should contact Vintage Vinyl Club in Hong Kong for distribution.

All Lucky bags will be on their way to customers on or before February 15th.

Thanks to you all for an awesome 2017, and here's hoping for a killer 2018!


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