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MICRO MASHERS! 4 Figure Mixed Parts set


It took a while, but this full set of micro dudes is now ALIVE!

Set includes all 4 heads - 2 as boiz (with 2-part body) and 2 as riderz (one tiny tank and one jumbo jet). Heads include:

-Ko Guy

Something similar to this mold was in the works over 2 years ago (3 maybe? I dunno, time is liquid nowadays), but things got funky, parts got misplaced and put in odd mold orientations, and ultimately the whole idea needed re-working almost entirely. No matter though- they are here now!

Photos show possible mixes. These are a combo of old-school monster gray and dark monster-blue sofubi. Heads are all easily interchangeable between bodies and vehicles.

Come blind bagged with header art by Walter Parenton.



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