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Image of RAMPAGE ver. WOMBAT TOYS' Agaskeron


Story Time:

A dream come true!!!!

This was a figure that I overlooked when I first moved to Japan in 2011. At that time, the figure was already out of production, but could be found in many second hand shops (Mandarake and the likes). Being on the hunt specifically for 'real' Jamira sofubi, I decided to forgo these pachi dudes. Oh the sadness. Once I was able to 'complete' the B-club Jammy set (though it still grows now), these guys were nowhere to be found....

Flash forward to last year - I was at the mold storage facility with Akamatsu-san (of former Wombat fame), and figured I'd see what the likelihood would be of finding the old Agaskeron mold. Turns out Akamatsu was more than happy to revive the old pachi sculpt, and I was offered the chance to paint my own! YAY!

The vinyl on these guys is squishy flesh coloured vinyl. Each is equiped with a squeeker, and is painted to resemble (not match entirely) my personal favorite B-club version of the Bullmark Jamira. Each will come with a little tin toy car (made in Japan) and will be bagged with some fashion of header.

These are standard size Kaiju - about 10 inches tall. They articulate at the waist and arms.

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